Tower Club Gym Review

Lifestyle, Singapore / Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

This is a review of the Tower Club gym. Tower Club spans levels 62-64 of Republic Plaza in the heart of the Raffles Place commercial district. The gym is located on level 64. When you arrive you will be greeted with an inviting door that hints at luxury beyond. I am going to set right your expectations at this moment. The gym is no way as luxurious as the door. Is it still Atas? Read on.

At the reception, you can sign in and help yourself to the gym attire and socks. As a personal preference, I bring my own socks and use their gym attire only. The gym attire comes in two sizes only: L and XL. L is pretty much free size and should be fine for most people.

Gym attire

The changing room is not spacious and you will feel a lack of personal space if there are three of more persons trying to change at the same time. The lockers are simple but adequate, you can set your security code. One aspect I appreciate about the changing room is that you need to open two doors to enter which enhances privacy.

Changing room

When you enter the gym, you will first notice its elongated layout, with a row of treadmills in the center. The treadmills are most popular among the equipment. The extensive use of mirrors help to create an illusion of space. The reality is that the walkway is barely wide enough for two persons to pass, but the gym is usually not overly crowded even in the evenings. The gym is most crowded during lunch hours.

Turn left
Turn right

The treadmills and a number of other stations (eg cycling, skiing stations) enjoy the view to the north. I did a relaxed 20min run after a long hiatus and you can see the pictures taken (30 mins apart) of the view before and after my run. Truly, one can see the passage of time in the evenings. It is also therapeutic to admire buildings like OCBC Centre and One George Street while jogging.

View before my run
View after my run

Unless you are a body builder or professional athlete, the equipment provided will be adequate. The equipment is somewhat dated and not modern but it pretty much get the job done. You have bench press machines, leg press machines, back extension/sit-up machines and so on. There is also a rack housing free weights.

Bench press machine and leg extension/curl machine
Leg press machine
Rowing and cycling stations
Free weights

Towels are placed at most stations and you can always help yourself to more in the gym. There is a water dispenser serving Dr Who water. The water tastes different; it actually tastes nice and slightly sweet. I can’t pinpoint why the water taste special though. In one corner, there is a small round table and some bar stools, which is quite odd.

Shower amenities include Dove body soap, shampoo and conditioner. I recommend that you bring your own facial cleanser. The amenities at the vanity sink are from disparate brands but more than enough for most needs.

Shower cubicle
Vanity amenities are well stocked

If you are not in a hurry, I recommend that you chill out in the relaxation room after your shower. You can lounge in comfort, read some magazines or the papers and also use the massage chair to soothe away your aching muscles.

Relax in one corner
Or enjoy the massage chair

In conclusion, I do enjoy my visits to the Tower Club gym. The receptionists/trainers are warm and friendly in general. While the space and equipment cannot be compared to the big boys of gyms like Virgin Active, it actually provides a fair degree of exclusivity and splendid views to soak in. The equipment is adequate in general and you can always engage the personal trainers there to extend your fitness potential.

Tower Club
9 Raffles Place Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619

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