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Experiences, Food / Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

The other day, I had this brainwave suddenly. I thought of impressing my wife. Many people think that you can stop putting in effort after marriage. I beg to differ. After almost two decades of not frying luncheon meat eggs, I decided to give it a shot again. It is a relatively simple dish.

I love luncheon meat eggs. To cook for two, here are the suggested ingredients:

  • 2-3 eggs (depending on size)
  • 100g of chopped luncheon meat
  • cooking oil
Chopped luncheon meat
Three small eggs

The first step is to combine the chopped luncheon meat with the eggs. Beat it.

Combine the ingredients
Beat the eggs

The next step proved to be the most challenging step in the whole process. For some reason, I forgot how to light the stove. No matter how I turned the knob and released, the fire was not sustained. My wife demonstrated to me a couple of times, but she could not explain it well. And then I had a brainwave (again). I suspected the theory of starting a fire is akin to that of releasing the clutch when driving off. You gotta do it slowly and feel the biting point. As such I pressed down the knob, turned it and released it slowly. It worked!

Stove with fire lit

When the stove gets hot, the heat indicator in the frying pan will turn red. Honestly, I don’t know how red is red enough. You can use the physical heat as a sense but from past experience it doesn’t matter too much. You can pour the oil in and after a while it should start crackling. I poured too much oil actually; fortunately it was olive oil and supposedly more healthy.

Poured too much oil, sian

At the opportune time, pour the egg mixture in and actively scrap the sides to avoid the dish sticking to the pan. I was told I was using a non-stick pan, but better to play safe.

Let’s flip!

When the dish is not so liquid, you should flip it. I was too anxious and flipped too early.

Not a very good flip

After flipping, centralise the eggs in the pan for better manouvreability.

Centre the eggs and focus on it

The purpose of flipping is to ensure that the original bottom portion is not overcooked/burnt and to cook the top portion. You can see the fairly nice golden brown collar after I did another flip.

Another flip
Almost done!

Finally, you will be done when you hardly see any liquid eggs. A little liquid is fine, it depends on your taste preference. Voila! Voici mes luncheon meat eggs!

Completed dish
Serve with rice

When I asked my wife for feedback, she responded “how bad can luncheon meat eggs go?”. Outstanding.

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