Courage & Duty

Experiences, Hotels / Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Our stay at Four Points by Sheraton Sydney, Central Park was not memorable. There may be a saving grace, however. (Warning: the following content may be a bit traumatic).

In the evening before checking out, I choked the toilet bowl with too much toilet paper and called for help. A lady in jacket (front counter staff) came. I said it’s just paper; in all honesty I thought the poo was gone after countless flushing.

She asked for some plastic bags and we did not have any. I swear that she was about to place her hand in (my memory is somewhat traumatized, everything happened too fast) when I stopped her.

She went to the wardrobe and got a laundry bag and was about to try again. I stopped her and showed her how to put her hand inside the bag like picking up dog poo. She reached in and grabbed a handful of paper, and then flushed. Some poo could be seen floating and then disappearing. I was quite embarrassed.

Then I took another laundry bag so that she can safely contain and dispose of the biohazard.

I asked her, ‘don’t you have the plunger?’. She smiled and mumbled something.

I took some chocolates down later to thank her. She was very pleasant and professional during the whole ordeal. I was deeply traumatized, impressed and appreciative.

I pray that this will not happen to you.

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